Expanding on the Ballot Measures of May 18th to limit the power of our State Government

The two ballot measures to reduce the Governor's emergency powers are a great first step to bringing power back to The People. However, I want to ensure we as a state continue to make strides to prevent the government from taking away individual rights in the future.

We have a powerful legislature that can drastically remove power from the executive with the right approach, on a case by case basis. On day one, I will begin making connections with other members of the legislature that are committed to continuing the reduction of executive power in the Commonwealth.


The next step will not be as simple: convincing the legislature to reduce its own powers.

While we have experienced tyranny from the executive lately, the legislature is also more than capable of taking our rights. We must ensure no governmental body can initiate force against The People to take away Liberty.

This is the goal of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, which is growing astronomically. Once we have taken power out of the executive, I will call on all members of the General Assembly to commit to reducing their salary, influence, and power over the citizens of the Commonwealth.

With my election, districts across the state will see that it is possible for Libertarians to be elected. My hope is that those in the General Assembly that refuse to limit their own power will be swiftly replaced with other Liberty-minded candidates willing to accomplish this task.